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Pete Nelsen


My name is Pete Nelsen and I was first introduced to Vapor Steam Cleaning in December 2009. Immediately seeing the difference in drying times and cleaning abilities I pursued the ability to buy and sell these marvelous cleaning devices to dealers, restaurants, convenience stores etc. After being in the Automobile business for nearly 30 years I decided it was time for a change.

I travel throughout the state of Minnesota visiting and in most cases introducing Vapor Steam cleaning systems to Car Dealerships, Detail Centers, and Restaurants etc. for the very first time. We believe in taking the time to show our customers how the machine works. We also properly train your staff when you purchase a vapor machine from us.

The word "Steam" was impregnated in all of us at a young age growing up. My dad as I can remember over 45 years ago would show me how "Pre spotting" a garment to be dry cleaned or washed was done using STEAM to remove stains on wedding dresses, dress pants and other fabrics in the family laundry & dry cleaning business.

We are a local company based in Minnesota that sells and services Vapor Steam Units. We travel thoughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin and have shipped residential and commercial vapor steam machines all over the United States.

We normally will not drop ship you a Vapor Steam Machine via UPS or other forms of delivery,but if we must we will provide a extensive instructional manual along with FREE  phone support to help you with your set up and use  to know what all the attachments are for and the best way to use them. Also to cover safety and proper use of the machine.
In most cases, you will get In Person, hand delivery of your new Vapor Steam Unit from us! And each purchase includes training and set up for your staff, INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! (Up to Two Hours for the Commercial Steam Cleaner and Up to One Hour for the Residential Steam Cleaner)

We are the only company full time in Minnesota selling residential and commercial vapor steam cleaning equipment to our knowledge. Minnesota steam cleaning equipment .  Vapor steam is referred to as a dry steam. On average contains about 5% water and 95% steam vapor.


We offer unlimited phone support to all customers who have bought from us, and yes we have even helped those with machines they didn't buy from us.

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