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There are plenty of questions about vapor and steam cleaning. Knowledge in a product is important and if there are questions you have please contact me and I will answer any questions that you have, I have answered some of the basic and most commonly asked questions for you.

The Basics

What is Vapor or Steam Cleaning?

Vapor or Steam Cleaning is simply using steam vapor to quickly clean, disinfect and sanitize a surface. Vapor steam cleaners are cited as examples of green cleaning since they do not require the use of chemical cleaning solutions.

Why Should I use a Steam Vapor Cleaner?

Cleaning anything with chemicals is damaging to the environment as well as directly to anyone who comes in contact with it.

Its simple: would you rather have a table cleaned with steam knowing there is no residue or chemicals or a table that has chemical residue? As an employer do you want to pay for an employee to spend 2-3 times as long cleaning and not get the results you need? ​

Steam Vapor Cleaning is faster and more effective. It provides desirable results and is eco-friendly.

Does a Steam Vapor Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs?

Pesticide Free Bedbug killing!

The power of chemical free steam, the focus of killing bedbugs, fleas, dust mites in carpets, bedding, comforters, walls, upholstered furniture and more! With our New! Patent Pending Vapor Steam Dome™​.

Who Is a Vapor Steam Cleaner for?

Steam Vapor Cleaning is an ideal solution for everyone in the home to any work place.

Currently I have a huge market in automotive industry as well as the hospitality industry.

We have a product that is perfect for everyone and is a must for any industry that deals with a large amount of customers with a range of ages and health concerns; this is a must for hotels and restaurants as well.

Is there a Warranty?

The Vapormaster 3000 carries a limited lifetime warranty on the boiler. The Operator manual has full details regarding warranty coverage and limitations.

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