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Who's Using Or Products 

Whether you operate a Professional Detail Shop or a 5 Star Hotel, you will be able to handle any job cleaning and disinfecting many types of surfaces.

Car dealerships use our Vapor Steam system everyday in their operations from headliner cleaning and disinfecting to cleaning leather upholstery.

Hotels bars and restaurants use our Vapor Steam system to keep kitchens, tile floors and grout clean and disinfected.

Restaurants we have sold our cleaning system to have finally discovered how to keep up to 400 banquet chairs clean and remove nasty stains and soil from materials.

From North Dakota's largest auto group to Duluth Minnesota's finest import dealer our Vapor Steam cleaning is proving to be effective in cleaning Hybrid Engines without the massive amount of water. Our Vapor Steam cleaning method uses only ounces of water in cutting dirt, grease, tar and nicotine and other nasty things found in automobile detailing.

We have Ford Dealers, Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Honda, and other New Car Franchises using our Vapor Steam Cleaning system.
A food processing plant in Brainerd, Minnesota uses our Vapor Cleaning system every week to keep the food processing area clean and disinfected.

 Numbers of dealerships have ordered a second Vapor Master 3000 to their cleaning department!

It's rewarding to know that every day 100's of cars and trucks in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and a few other states are using our Vapormaster cleaning system. Saving hundreds or maybe thousands of gallons of water and chemicals from polluting our environment.

From cleaning and disinfecting headliners to seating and carpeted areas dealers really enjoy the time saving and effectiveness of this method of detailing not only vehicles but many restaurants and other business's clean grout, tile, windows, floors and more weekly with our machines.Most car dealers are impressed how effectively it cleans Headliners and dries in just minutes. Removing window tint is made much easier using STEAM.

Vapor Master 3000, Vapor Steam Cleaner in MN



Repair & Detail


Steam Machine w/Optional Cart (above)

Demo Display at Midstate Auto Auction (below) 


We bench test or "hot test" every steamer before we deliver or ship it. Pre-delivery inspection provides maximum performance and satisfaction for all our customers across the United States. To our knowledge there is no other company that takes this additional step to insure your vapor steam unit will be trouble free right out of the box and for years to come. That saves you time and money in the long run with less worry- and we all love to worry less!


Vapor Master 3000, Vapor Steam Cleaner in MN


Sales & Service

Steam Domes

Add a vapor steam dome to your machine and disinfect, carpet, furniture, comforters, draperies, and many other flat fabric surfaces! hotels, motels can freshen up their smoking room or other odor problem rooms with our  Vaporsteamdomes! they are not just for killing bed bugs anymore!  

Simply add a cloth or microfiber bonnet to the bottom of either size steam dome and remove the large decals on vehicles or semi trailers; they contain the hot moist stream inside it's dome shape providing more focused and hotter temperatures for more effective vinyl lettering removal, they are light weight and easy to use.

The Vapor Steam unit will perform hundreds of different cleaning and disinfecting applications! MOST WITHOUT ANY CHEMICALS!

Do you or family members suffer from allergies?

Dust Mites are microscopic creatures related to the spider family. They are invisible to the human eye and are about 0.3mm in length. They live on human skin flakes. They are most prevalent in the bedroom where millions can exist in your mattress, boxspring, pillows and comforters.

They are also found in upholstered furniture, carpeting and other fabric items. Dust mites produce 20 or more fecal pellets per day, which is the primary allergen to humans. We inhale these allergens while sleeping and during periods when these particles become airborne such as when vacuuming and disturbing the infested fabrics.​

Naturally Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It has been proven that dust mites and their allergen Der p1 are a major factor in allergic reactions.

A key to controlling allergic reactions is controlling the dust mite population in your home. Lower mite populations lower the amount of mite allergen Der p1. Other clinical studies have revealed that avoidance of dust mite allergens in early childhood can prevent the onset of asthma in adults. A study as reported in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Allergy tested the feasibility and effectiveness of using a portable, domestic steamer for the control of dust mites, its effects on mite populations and concentration of the allergen Der p1.

We normally do not sell our Vapor master 3000 off of our website, our website has been designed to inform you of some of the features and benefits of our machine and to encourage you to contact us for a in person demonstration. Yes, we travel all over the state of Minnesota, Wisconsin, South and North Dakota and Iowa.

Complete Parts & Service

Complete service whether you bought it with us or not!  We have the skill and knowledge to service machines, even if it's not ours we are here for you.  If you are having an issue give us a call today!

Shipping Across the US!

We currently ship all across the US! our shipping is cost effective- in fact we have lowered the cost of the products to get you the best prices around!  

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