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Industrial and Commercial Vinyl Graphic and Vehicle Wrap Removal​, even wallpaper!

Excellent for floating over comforters, blankets, draped or curtains to re-freshen and disinfect.

Domes are designed differently to be 10X more effective and controlled than conventional methods!

Excellent for removing large Vinyl Decals from cars, trucks, trailers and more!

Works like a Heat Gun but in less time and far less effort.

*Bonnet required when removing labels on flat metal surfaces. 3 hole Nozzle Attachment is required to operate the Vapor Steam Domes VAPORSTEAM DOMES WILL ONLY WORK WITH TPA MANUFACTURED MACHINES. EUROSTEAM, US STEAM, VX5000, VAPORBOSS ES600 WILL WORK WITH OUR ATTACHMENT. QUESTIONS? CALL US TODAY. 

Vapor Stream Dome


Vapor Steam Dome

Introducing "Chemical Free" Vapor Steam Dome Technology

8.5" size covers a larger foot print on surfaces.

These attachments will work with any of the steam vapor machines and are highly rated for killing bed bugs- dust mites- fleas and more

The Vapor Steam Dome is an EXCLUSIVE product and was created and developed here and is NOT sold anywhere else. 

This product was tested at the University of Minnesota and the results were clear: Our Steam Dome is better at killing and bed bugs than any other standard steam attachment. Dr.Stephen Kells performed the lab testing.

This report is available upon request. 



Do you or family members suffer from allergies?

Dust Mites are microscopic creatures related to the spider family. They are invisible to the human eye and are about 0.3mm in length. They live on human skin flakes. They are most prevalent in the bedroom where millions can exist in your mattress, boxspring, pillows and comforters. They are also found in upholstered furniture, carpeting and other fabric items. Dust mites produce 20 or more fecal pellets per day, which is the primary allergen to humans. We inhale these allergens while sleeping and during periods when these particles become airborne such as when vacuuming and disturbing the infested fabrics.

​It has been proven that dust mites and their allergen Der p1 are a major factor in allergic reactions. A key to controlling allergic reactions is controlling the dust mite population in your home. Lower mite populations lower the amount of mite allergen Der p1. Other clinical studies have revealed that avoidance of dust mite allergens in early childhood can prevent the onset of asthma in adults. A study as reported in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Allergy tested the feasibility and effectiveness of using a portable, domestic steamer for the control of dust mites, its effects on mite populations and concentration of the allergen Der p1.

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