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“Bed Bugs B-Gone."


"Last May 2011 My husband and I could not figure out where little red bites were coming from, we found no visible bugs and no eggs. After Investigating to our horror we realized it was BED BUGS.

We tried a boat load of spray and pesticides- in this process fumigating our entire family as well; I would not recommend this method at all!

I finally got a professional steamer and Hallelujah; I fired that baby up and streamed the hell out of that bedroom. I tired the Vapor Steam Dome from Pete and WOW it hovered nice and hot- no problem, I could see the little buggers in the dome dead and I wiped them out with a paper towel.

There is something to be said for seeing the dead bugs as you clean- knowing your doing the job.”

Liz C from Connecticut 

"The only stand alone steam attachment designed, developed and invented in Brainerd Minnesota to be tested at a major U.S. University"

The University of Minnesota's Dr. Kells lab test result available upon request

"We bought it for it’s remarkable ability to clean headliners with dry time in minutes!"

​​M. Dolan, Integrity Motors

"Amazing results removing window tint on all windows!"

Detail Shop- Brainard MN

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